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Thank you to everyone who has continued to support our work throughout the COVID-19 pandemic, we would not still be here without you!

We are following government guidelines and gradually re-opening. We want to ensure our team and customers are safe and feel supported. We are looking forward to working at your event and (finally) starting new ventures we have had in the pipeline for some time.

We are committed to providing a service for young women in Cambridge, who research shows, have been some of the hardest hit by the pandemic in regards to issues such as employment prospects and mental health.

Thank you for your patience as we re-start our work (see our “Work With Us” page for team vacancies)! We hope to see you before too long.

Thank you again,
Kate and the Turtle Dove team

You can help us reach more young women by donating here: peoplesfundraising.com/donation/TurtleDoveCambridge

Or through becoming a valued Friend of Turtle Dove!


Turtle Dove Cambridge supports existing organisations in empowering women between the ages of 14 and 23.

We work with young women who are seeking to improve their confidence in a supportive and fun environment. Many are currently not in education, employment, training, or are at risk of falling into this category.



Here at Turtle Dove Cambridge, we offer both a service to young women as well as the wider the community through offering a team for events, restaurants, and more.

By booking our team, using our vintage china, hiring our van, referring young women onto our schools programme, or standard youth support, you are enabling access to remarkable opportunities for young women in Cambridge!



We have been endorsed, how exciting!

The Institute of Hospitality has endorsed our Alternative Education programme and the “Turtle Dove Cambridge Certificate in Introduction to Hospitality Operations” young women can gain with us.

See their news feature on us here.

Head over to our Education Programme page for more information and how to refer.

As the industry opens up and lockdown eases, we look forward to launching this part of our work again with local partners Cambscuisine.



Alicia’s Story

When Turtle Dove Co-Founder and Managing Director Kate Nation first met Alicia she saw in her a young woman being punished for her ex-boyfriend’s behaviour. It was clear that if it hadn’t have been for him Alicia would be in a very different place. He had been a huge injustice in her life and had held her back for too long. Nevertheless, Kate saw a “spark” in Alicia and knew that she had huge potential.