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Young Women

We specialise in working with young women who are lacking in confidence, struggling with their mental health and will benefit from being in a supportive, female only team.

Our referring agencies have included Cambridgeshire County Council, CPFT, Housing Providers and Social Care.


Of the young women we have reviewed to date outcomes have included:

Work Experience

79% felt they now had more work experience to put on their CV, and therefore 68% were more likely to apply for work or volunteering opportunities

Teamwork and Communication

Some of the skills which they felt had particularly improved were around teamwork (63%) and communication (58%) and therefore their confidence had increased by 63%

Network of Support

One of the softer outcomes from their participation with Turtle Dove was around the fact that 58% felt that they now had a network of friends/support around them

If you are interested in gaining some work experience with us or know a young woman who might be suitable for our service please fill out our form to Join Our Team and we will get back to you:

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For involvement in the Education Programme for young women of school age there is a separate form and information here:

Education Programme


Quotes from the young women:

“Being a part of Turtle Dove has provided me with a number of different roles and responsibilities. For example leading activities, public speaking and promotional work as well as serving at the events.”

“It gave me a real sense of responsibility.”

“I have enjoyed serving food and drink because I enjoyed serving the customers and being able to meet their needs.”

“It was fun!”

“Every time (before an event) I’m nervous.. I hold back and think ‘I might not do it’.. but then I do and enjoy it every time!”