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Education Programme

Tea set creamWe are very excited to announce the launch of our new 2020/2021 alternative education programme!

Covering a period of 8-10 weeks, with a minimum of 2 hours per fortnight, the programme will be a combination of 1:1 emotional support and practical work experience with our team at events and restaurants. The work experience will cover a wide range of topics, with the opportunity to take part in additional modules. Download our leaflet for more details.

In the 1:1 sessions topics such as emotional resilience, personal development, wellbeing and mental health issues will be addressed.

We will work with small groups of young women from different schools. This is to ensure that we are not working with already established peer groups as the aim is to offer experience in a professional working environment.

All young women on this programme will be able to work towards a Turtle Dove Cambridge Certificate in Introduction to Hospitality Operations.



Some of the work experience and learning opportunities will be provided by Cambscuisine, who we are partnering with as part of the Alternative Education programme. They run a Cambscuisine Community Fund, raising money and administering grants to charities and community groups (such as us) in Cambridgeshire.

Student Referral Form

***Please note due to the COVID19 crisis we are currently unable to offer the full programme including the work experience at events. Please enquire for more information.***