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We here at Turtle Dove Cambridge, like everyone else, are feeling a whole range of emotions about how the COVID19 situation is continuing to affect us all.

We have still been offering the young women we work with support as much as we can. However, sadly, we are in a position where of course all events have been cancelled or postponed and as a result our income has dramatically reduced.

It is no exaggeration to say that we have lost thousands of pounds in cancelled bookings and opportunities due to the effects of COVID19.

This virus will not stop our determination to continue our work in the future and we are spending a lot of this time planning and preparing for the post COVID19 rebuilding of life.

Please show us your support by donating at:  https://www.paypal.com/gb/fundraiser/charity/3667507

Many thanks,
Kate and the Turtle Dove team


Turtle Dove Cambridge supports existing organisations in empowering young women aged between 15 and 23. We work with young women who are seeking to improve their confidence in a supportive and fun environment. Many are currently not in education, employment or training or are at risk of falling into this category. Others struggle with issues surrounding their mental health. We aim to offer all of them a sense of achievement through improving their skill set and connections with the community.



We offer the young women we work with experience in our team, providing assistance at events across the city. Tasks vary per event, from serving catering to helping with set-up. This unique service offers individuals, charities and private companies the opportunity to gain access to affordable help at their events – whilst our young women learn invaluable skills that help enrich and strengthen their lives professionally and personally.



Turtle Dove Cambridge also host their own community events and workshops. These are mostly with older people in the community accessing day centres and residential homes. Events of note include their intergenerational tea dances and art workshops that have benefited both the young women as well as the older attendees who may experience issues such as dementia and social isolation.



Maria’s Story

When asked what’s the best thing she’s gotten out of working with Turtle Dove, Maria doesn’t hesitate before answering: “Confidence” she says, with the kind of self-assuredness that makes you realise it’s true.  “I’ve met loads of different people at the events.  Before, I never would have dared talk to them, but now I talk to people all the time.”  However, Maria hasn’t always found dealing with new situations and a professional environment this easy.